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5 activities to do with your kids this Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here and although we have had some lovely sunny and warm days, the temperature is starting to change and it is very tempting to hibernate under a blanket until spring! Unfortunately no one gave your children that memo and there is only a limited amount of time that they will snuggle up and watch movies before they are climbing the walls saying they are bored. So with that in mind I thought I would share 5 Autumn themed activity ideas to keep them and you entertained over the next few weeks.


They are everywhere right now, you can get them in all of the supermarkets. Some are as little as 70p. Or you can take a day trip out to a pumpkin patch and pick your own (and get those all-important Instagram pictures!). But what do you do with them when you get home. If you are feeling confident enough to hand your child a knife then the obvious idea is to carve them. The safer way to do this is to get them to draw their design on the pumpkin and then you do the carving, you can always give them a butter knife so that they feel involved. My preferred activity would be to ditch the knife and paint the pumpkins. The little ones can get way more involved in this and hopefully it will entertain them for longer as they haven't got to wait around while you carve it. Plus you don’t have to deal with the guey inside mess of the pumpkin (why do they smell so bad?!)


Autumn treasure hunt

Autumn walks are a lovely idea but why not make them a bit more exciting (and put off the inevitable tired legs and whining half way round) by having an Autumn treasure hunt. You can do this with colours, so they have to find something that matches the autumn colours or you could come up with the actual items for them to look for such as conkers, acorns, red leaves etc. Don’t forget to take a bag to collect things in otherwise you will end up with arms or pockets full!

Sensory play dough

Play dough is always a popular choice with children of all ages. Not all parents are comfortable with play dough in the house but as long as it is kept away from any carpeted areas you should be ok. Play dough is really easy to make and most of us have the ingredients in our kitchen cupboards already. There are lots of recipes online and for autumn you can add some lovely seasonal scents such as – cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, apple etc. Also you can add leaves, pine cones, pumpkin seeds etc etc to it (however this will mean that the play dough probably will be too messy to last past this play session)

Autumn collage

Why not use the things that you found on the autumn treasure hunt to let the children get creative. Get the paper and pva glue out and they can create some autumn collages with leaves and bits of ferns etc. Just remember that although you might want it to end up as a masterpiece the most important thing is that the children enjoy doing it, the end product is not really important at all. You can also get the a paints out and do leaf printing or paint the conkers lots of bright colours. If you are going to let your children be creative then just go for it and embrace the mess. If you are constantly worrying about them getting covered in paint or dripping glue on the table you are limiting their creativity so just go for it!!

Den building

Whether its inside or outside children love dens. They like being in small spaces and love having a space of their own. You don’t have to be an expert in engineering to make a den, little children are happy with a big cardboard box or a quilt over some chairs and older children can come up with their own den design.  Embrace the darker days and pop in some fairy lights and make it feel really magical. On those colder or rainy days when you are running out of ways to entertain your child inside, make a den in the living room and watch your little ones drag all of their toys in there even when there is no space left, they will probably want to eat their dinner in there too if you let them


I hope this has given you some fun and affordable ideas for the rest of Autumn to keep your children entertained and have fun together.

 Enjoy xx

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