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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers in the Uk are still a fairly new idea but they are growing year on year to become more popular with first time mums and their friends/family. Whether or not you like the idea of a grand affair, or something low key and intimate, it is a lovely way of getting people together and celebrating the imminent arrival of the new baby. Because let’s face it the new mum is not going to feel like a social group gathering for at least a few weeks after the baby arrives!

There are some lovely ways to make these events fun and memorable without having to spend a fortune or go overboard.I gave my tips for planning a baby shower in my last blog post which you can read here. 

For me baby showers are of course a chance to celebrate all things baby but it is also a great chance to celebrate the mum to be in her last few weeks or days of being her own person. They are a great way to say bye to people at work and for your friends to wish you their best. 

In this blog post I am sharing with you some gift ideas to make the day memorable and just that little bit more special. 

A collective gift basket

Everyone can bring something small and useful to put in the basket such as muslin clothes, nappies, teething gel etc. The cost of this is fairly small but with everyone's gifts together it makes I lovely gift

Milestone cards

It is lovely to be able to document the first year of the babies life and all of those age and development milestones. These cards can be used as a photo prop which act as a lovely memento. You can also get these mummy milestone cards with funny milestones that the new mum will experience!

Personalised gifts

If you know the gender of the baby and a name has been decided then a personalised gift is a great idea

Baby clothes

Of course this is an obvious choice, I mean who can resist those cute little outfits! They will probably be inundated with new born baby clothes, most of which the baby will outgrow before they get to wear them. It’s great to think ahead a bit and gift some slightly bigger items .

Accessories that they can’t grow out of!

Blankets, towels, soft toys these will last much longer and are often treasured longer than clothing too.

Nursery Decor

How about something gorgeous for the babies nursery. There are so many things out there that look lovely on the wall or on shelves that can be loved for years to come. It could be a print or a wall hanging or bunting the possibilities are endless with this one. Here are some examples of what I have to offer at Hannah Joy Designs


A memory box

There are so many fantastic memories that the parents will want to hold onto for years to come – first lock of hair, first shoes, first painting etc so a box to collect these in that will last for years is a very thoughtful idea. This is something that here at Hannah Joy Designs I will be doing in the future so watch this space for lovely memory boxes

A gift for the mum

Maybe you want to do something a bit different and give the mum  to be a gift. How about a necklace with the babies initial on or it could be something as simple as an offer to babysit. They will be cosied up a home for a while in their new baby bubble and potentially won’t be thinking about getting dressed so some lovely pjs or robe would be a very thoughtful gift.

I hope you have a fab time at the upcoming baby shower and manage to find something thoughtful for the baby and mum to be xx

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