Orders are made and dispatched in 7-14 days.
Orders are made and dispatched in 7-14 days.
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Bespoke Signage

If you are small/independent business then this blog post may be of great interest to you. I want to help you make your business stand out and look unique. If this is something that sounds of interest to you then please keep reading (and if not then read on anyway so that you can have a nosy at something new that I am doing!!).

I recently made a plaque with my logo on to go in my studio and also to use at events and I was so happy with the result that I want to be able to share this with other small businesses too. There are so many possibilities when creating signage, big or small and I have tried and tested lots of different techniques with wood and acrylic when making the products that I currently sell. I love working with and supporting other independent businesses and so I am going to be putting together some sign packages to make your businesses stand out too.

Each independent business is unique, that’s what makes shopping small so special. When creating your signs I will work with you to ensure you get something that reflects your brand and represents who you are. The plaque that I have made for my logo is a mix of oak veneered wood and acrylic as this is the wood I use and love for all of my products and the mixture of the two is my current favourite. However you may prefer something engraved or printed straight onto the wood (there are lots of alternatives to oak too).  Maybe you would prefer printed or cut acrylic. You may come to me with a finished idea or we can discuss it and come up with something amazing together.

I am not just talking logos either, if you are looking to take your stall at an event to the next level you may want your website displayed or your price labels for example. Maybe you run a café or a small shop and you would like an open/closed sign or signs labelling where items are. You could even have big letters spelling out words on the wall such as EAT or RELAX (I am just randomly thinking out loud now but there are so many possibilities!!)

This is something very new that I am offering and I don’t have much to show you yet but there is a section called Bespoke Signage on my website which I will keep updating with pictures to show lots of different options over time. I had a really positive, and slightly overwhelming to be honest, response to this new venture when I shared it on my social media and have had lots of interest and some orders already which I am so pleased about.

As each order may be completely different and bespoke I don’t yet have a set price list to share with you but I do plan to put together some packages as well as the bespoke options in the future when I get a better idea of what people want. These prices will be very fair as being a small business myself I totally understand small budgets and want this to be accessible to all. For now please feel free to get in touch and enquire if you are interested and we can discuss prices.

So why choose me for your signs? I love designing and coming up with new ideas, I have talked before in my newsletters about this being my favourite thing to do. I have tried and tested a lot of techniques over the past couple of years with laser cutting and engraving and have learned what works (and what doesn’t) and have found materials that are great quality. I have a passion for supporting other small businesses which means as mentioned above that you are going to get small business prices. And finally your signs will be bespoke and unique, nothing is mass produced and you get a personal service directly with me.

If you are planning to do events over the festive period and would love to get something made for you stall then there is still time so just get in touch

Please send all enquiries to hannahjoydesigns18@gmail.com or use the Contact Us section on my website

If this isn’t something that is relevant to you then please have a little think about anyone you know that it might be of interest to and pass on my information. The main thing that helps small businesses like mine succeed is word of mouth and so that support is priceless to me.

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