First Day of Home Schooling! Activity Sheets

So today is the first day of home schooling for many of you. That might be an exciting prospect for some but I expect for many it will be a stressful and daunting thought. I want to encourage you wherever possible not to put too much pressure on yourself, you cannot suddenly become a teacher overnight. Please remember the importance of play and how much children can learn from that. And it is a good thing for them to learn how to play on their own and entertain themselves too. I will be working on a blog post over the next few days about the benefits of play based learning which is something I have been an advocate of for years whilst running childcare settings.

I have created for you some activity sheets to help keep your children busy this week. They all have underlying learning goals should you wish to encourage that but letting children be freely creative without your guidance is also an important part of their development. So if they just want to colour them or make them into paper aeroplanes that is fine too!

Rainbow colouring in – Either just simply colour this sheet in or create patterns on the rainbow. Creating patterns and repeating and sequencing is a key part of developing early mathematical skills. This is also a good way of discussing colours and an opportunity to do some colour mixing especially if you have paints

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Monster Alphabet this is a fun way to look at letters. Maybe your child is at the stage of recognising letters or maybe they are learning phonics. Or they can simply just enjoy colouring them in in different bright colours

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Monster Moods – This is a chance to get creative and come up with the monster's faces but it is also a great opportunity for you to talk to your child about feelings and why the monster is feeling that way. It is a confusing and uncertain time for children right now and they might not be able to articulate how they are feeling, but talking about the monsters might give them an opportunity to think about it and express it to you in a fun way

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Eye Spy – Get them to find the pictures that are at the bottom of the page and colour them in as they find them. This will encourage concentration, counting and matching.

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I hope you have fun with these activities, I will continue to create them and share them with you during the time that the children are off school.

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