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Special memories to keep in your baby's memory box

The first years of your child’s life are so precious and they go by very fast, so you want to hold onto some of the most special memories to look back on for years to come. You will probably find that you want to hold onto everything as it all means something special to you but rather than drown in a sea of baby grows and soft toys here is a list of some of the most special things that you will want to keep safe.

Scan photo

This is your first glimpse at your baby, the first photo you will ever own so of course this one is extra special and needs to be treasured forever

Hospital bracelet

These have the first bits of information on them about your newborn, their date of birth, weight, name and your name. This is a totally precious thing to keep.

Lock of hair

Their first haircut is an emotional and special memory. My mum kept my first lock and it was a cute blond curl. My hair is now brown and straight so that makes this memory even more important as it changed so much over time.

Special item of clothing

Maybe it’s the outfit they wore home from hospital or their christening clothes. Maybe its something you had personalised or a gift from a grandparent. It’s tempting to keep everything because they are all so cute and hold lovely memories (ok maybe not the ones that got covered in a poo explosion!) but just pick a few that take you back to those extra special times

Birth cards

Cards like these are lovely to look back on with your child as they grow older. People write such lovely things in baby cards and its nice to remember all the thoughtful messages from your family and friends

Newspaper from the day they were born

This is something that your child will find really interesting as they grow older and it’s nice to look back at what was happening on that day. No doubt they will find the fashion and some of the content funny as they grow older! I can only imagine what was in the paper in 1985 when I was born, lots of shoulder pads and big hair I expect

Special photographs

We don’t get many photographs printed these days but it is nice to have some physical copies of some special ones to look back on. We are always having to delete photos for storage on our phones and you don’t want to lose any of those important ones

 First school report

As your child grows older you will no doubt still be adding to this collection and their first school report is a big milestone for any child

Of course you will have your own experiences and memories along the way and so your list will have many more things in it as your child grows up. There will be lots of firsts and lots of special memories and so why not keep them all safe in a special place.

I have designed the perfect personalised box to keep all of these wonderful memories in. It can have your child’s name on in any colour. The writing is printed directly onto the wooden hinged box meaning that it will last for years to come and can be shared with your children’s children too. The design is classic and stylish and will last them throughout childhood and beyond and looks great on display so you can pop it on a shelf in their bedroom.

These boxes make great gifts for new babies or for christening or for any birthday as they grow and collect more memories



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